fatal_butterfly (fatal_butterfly) wrote in all_tipsters,

hi! i'm jen

Hi! i'm jen. or at least i was jen at TIP. nobody's called me that since. ::tear:: i was a fourth year fourth year at ASU in the summer of '03. second term all four years. last summer was my first TIPless summer, and it was sad. now that i'm going to college, i'm going back to be an RA next summer. ::excitement:: lol, so i was just posting to see if any other '05 seniors who are in Facebook want to start a facebook group for TIPsters. i think it would be the best thing ever! well, not the *best*...but u get my point. ooh, and post in my journal or something if you were at TIP with me, cuz i haven't talked to TIP people in so long...
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